St. Paul’s Health Center

Our flagship project is St. Paul’s Health Center in rural Kenya. St. Paul’s is a primary health care system that aims to meet the health needs of all community members in a population comprising 12,000 individuals.

The health system consists of the health center and a community outreach program that operate in tandem and, in so doing, place the locus of value creation squarely in the community rather than solely in the facility.

St. Paul’s offers a comprehensive package of ambulatory care services:

  • Curative care for adults and children, including diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses, management of chronic diseases, and assisted referral to higher-level facilities when needed
  • Women’s health, including family planning, antenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care
  • Well-child care, including immunizations, growth monitoring, and nutritional support
  • Laboratory and pharmacy services
  • Comprehensive HIV care, including testing and counseling, antiretroviral therapy, adherence support, and psychosocial support

All staff at the health center are members of the local community, and many have been able to become health professionals through scholarships and training that Common Hope for Health has provided.

The truly community-based aspect of our care delivery model emerges in our community outreach program. Since 2009, CHH has trained and supported 30 community health workers (CHWs) who provide home-based services to the 2,400 households in the catchment area. Through regular home visits, the CHWs provide three levels of services: household health, pregnancy, and child health. For each of these levels, the CHWs visit families monthly, assess key health issues (e.g., water quality for households; nutrition for pregnant women; and immunization coverage for children), manage health problems, and provide counseling and longitudinal follow-up. When necessary, the CHWs refer clients to the health center for more advanced care, thus ensuring a seamless linkage between community and facility.