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7 Jan 2015

World Development Report 2015

Each year, the World Bank Group issues the World Development Report, a sweeping analysis of a particular dimension of economic development, such as job creation, gender, infrastructure, and climate. This year's Report, just released, tackles a cutting-edge dimension that lies at the heart of Common Hope for Health's work: decision-making and behavior.

23 Dec 2014

Introducing our new website, and a clearer mission

Since we first began working in rural Kenya in 2006, Common Hope for Health has pursued a fundamentally moral mission: to serve those in greatest need. We are, of course, far from having accomplished this mission. But we have made progress. Over the past nine years, mothers, fathers, and children who previously had nowhere to turn when sick have gained access to compassionate, often life-saving medical care at our health center. But this progress has also revealed a sobering -- and perhaps radical -- truth: medical care alone, at least in the conventional sense, is not enough.