Our mission is to help people

take the best care of their health possible.

We all want to be healthy. But we all struggle to take the
actions we know we need to take to ensure optimal health.
Common Hope for Health bridges this gap between
aspiration and action by providing behavior care.


Behavior care is care for health behavior—care that helps people to adopt
healthier lifestyles, prevent illnesses, and seek care when sick.
Behavior care makes healthy behavior easier and more fulfilling.
Behavior care focuses on health, not disease.


Three values, three domains, and three outcomes.


  • Equity

    We serve those in greatest need.

  • Excellence

    We strive to do things well and do them better every day.

  • Empowerment

    We form partnerships and build capacity, so as to make our presence ultimately unnecessary.

  • Primary care

    We work within systems that serve as the first place that people seek when they have health needs.

  • Technology

    We create and use tools that change what is possible.

  • Behavioral science

    We engage deeply with individuals and communities as well as with scientific research to better understand health decisions and behaviors.

  • Health

    We deliver services that lead to better health.

  • Knowledge

    We generate evidence on what works.

  • Change

    We advocate for positive change in global health.